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Who I am

My name is Tom Clarke, creatively known as Sparkles*, a musician and songwriter who currently lives in London. I started my career working as the in-house audio engineer, video editor and composer/producer for UK YouTube giants The Yogscast, but after finding success with my electronic rock band Area 11, I became freelance to allow more time to develop my music career.

What I can do for you

Are you working on a project and require a song, a soundtrack, sound design or audio mixing/mastering? Are you looking for someone who can create high quality and creative products with a fast turnaround without eating all of your budget? Look no further.


I have been working professionally for nearly 10 years, with a long history of satisfied clients. I have written, mixed and produced albums which have charted in the UK Official Charts, and songs I have written have had huge success on YouTube too, with well over 100 million combined views. I am very used to working within very tight deadlines, and in many different genres and styles (including rock, pop, orchestral, EDM, hiphop and musical theatre).


From my home studio in London I can pretty much create anything you could need, but with access to a number of studios across the city, there's really nothing that isn't possible. I am fluent in all the major DAWs (Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton Live etc) and have a vast sample library and collection of virtual instruments. I also have a collection of high quality Neumann and Shure mics, and a variety of musical instruments.

Social Reach

With over 100,000 followers on Twitter alone, I have grown an organic following primarily through my work with my band Area 11. My fans are very passionate and supportive of me, and working with me allows access to that too, as I love to share what I'm working on with my fans.

Past Work