I have written, engineered and produced tracks professionally for a few years now, and have a string of satisfied clients.

I have worked since 2012 with UK YouTube channel The Yogscast, for whom I have composed some of their best-known music including Diggy Diggy Hole, Minecraft Christmas, Screw The NetherHONEYDEWYEAYEA, How Do I Craft This Again? and MoonQuest: An Epic Journey (which I also provided lead vocals on).

I also have composed a large quantity of background and soundtrack music for the Yogscast, which can be heard on many of their videos.

I have also worked with Japanese video game and animation company Bandai Namco on projects including the theme tune to the Bravoman and Wonder Momo cartoons.

I am available for composing work, both songwriting and soundtracking, and can be as involved with the process as you need me to be. Please use my contact form if you have a project you'd like me to work on!