Captain - Broke

In my ongoing quest to bring you the best new music I can find, here's a single that went relatively unnoticed back in 2006. Erm.

London-based Captain formed in 2005, and technically are still together. I mean, wikipedia says "Captain are.." at the top of the page, so that must be right. They haven't released any music since 2008, but again, according to wikipedia, sometime around 2012-2013 they started writing music together, so there might be hope yet of another Captain record.

Broke, taken from their début (and only) album This Is Hazelville, sees the band doing what it does best: catchy pop shit. What I loved about the band when I saw them many moons ago at the Cockpit in Leeds (RIP) was the contrast and interplay between the male and female vocals. I actually have this record on vinyl in two different formats (I was a cunt back in 2005). You can get a copy of their album (which this track features on) on iTunes here!

Normally I'd finish my post with links to the band's website etc but they don't have one. Also their name is virtually ungoogleable. Although I'm pretty sure this track had a music video, I can't find it on YouTube. The pictures on this page are photos I took of the vinyl I own. Erm. Maybe this was a bad choice. No, it's a fucking good song, it wasn't at all.

- S*

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