Purity Ring - Push Pull

Canada's Purity Ring have a new track out, and it's well good mate. The synthpop duo have been making music as Purity Ring since 2010, and 2012's Shrines made a huge impression on me. The music seems like a contradiction; both minimal and yet complex, but that's what they manage to create in their layers of very distinct synths and sampled drums. You hear each part of the mix with suspicious clarity, yet the holes in the sound-scape are few.

Push Pull is their latest single; a track almost completely stripped of bass frequencies, allowing moments when the bass and kick enter to completely blow you away with their sonic impact. There are many synthy bands who do what Purity Ring do, but it's the production which sets them apart. It's not your wishy-washy pop, this is focused and distinct. You feel like you're inside the sound, not hearing it from the other side of a large cathedral.

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For more on the band: http://purityringthing.com/

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- S*

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