Crystal Lake - Beloved (feat. Kenta Koie)

Today's track of the day comes from Crystal Lake, a Japanese metalcore band that myself and Adam were lucky enough to catch in Tokyo before we flew back last month. They've been around since 2002 in various lineups, releasing two albums, and a number of EPs and spit singles. The current lineup got together in 2012, and have released a single and an EP called Cubes, from which this track is taken.

If you're into metalcore, you'll love this record, which also features Ken from Crossfaith on guest vocals. The track has a soaring lead line which I love; the guitar work from Shinya and Yudai is consistently inventive, something often missing in a lot of other, more forgettable metalcore bands.

Their music is very difficult to get hold of in the UK right now. Having seen the huge crowds they're pulling in Tokyo I expect it won't be long before they start spreading their music westwards though, so keep your eye out.

For more on the band:

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