Don Broco - Money Power Fame

Don Broco were a band at my University when I was the President of the Nottingham Uni BandSoc; back then they were called Club Sex. Even in those early days they had something which set them aside from the usual mediocre uni bands; their relentless self-organised touring for one, as well as their songwriting, which was certainly more ambitious than their peers.

Their early sound (as you can hear on tracks such as Wat'cha Gonna Do? and Thug Workout) was a kind of cheeky 'lad' hardcore, but by the time they released their début album Priorities their sound had evolved into something more mature, while retaining the heavy edge which made them exciting. The album propelled them into the mainstream, and I've looked on with (dare I say it) pride for a couple of years as they've ballooned into one of the most adored British rock bands. Seeing them in a crowd of 15 people, then 50 people, then mainstage at Reading Festival was something special. They're a barometer for how I measure Area 11's success; we've always been 10 steps behind them and their success inspires me to work harder.

I first heard their new track from the as-of-now untitled second album during our last tour, and it had us jumping around our hotel room like fucking morons. In fact, it became my warm up track for the latter half of the tour. The riff is huge, and it means that Rob and Matt can relax the chorus vocals to let's Simon's guitar do the talking. It's a bold move to strip the vocals down at the point in the song when hook is key, and I like the way the vocals that return seem almost random in placement; snippets of Rob's RnB calls of 'Give meeee' punctuated by Matt's falsetto 'we need it, need it' responses.

You can get a copy of the new track right now by pre-ordering their album, I've done it and so should you!

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