Sparkles*' Review of 2014

Well, another year is over and we're all another year closer to death. I'm gonna take a moment to reflect on what happened in 2014 and hopefully we can all learn something so it doesn't happen again.

I started the year in January by having a cameo in Bravoman (of sorts), and attending the opening of the Brooklyn Bowl at the O2 in London. That had a free bar. Free. I also did Beckii's makeup because she thought it'd be fun. The month ended with me and Martyn becoming best friends with Lady Gaga. What.

In Feb, Wonder Momo began, and I got to see my name in an anime's opening credits, which was pretty nuts. I think it was a slow month, can't remember doing anything else.

March started with a track I wrote and sung for The Yogscast being released, they called it MoonQuest: An Epic Journey, which is a fucking terrible name. I couldn't think of a name either, though, so fair enough. I turned 26. I took Beckii to the @Bristol Science Museum because we're both children really.

In April I trolled a Facebook caption competition, shot some promo photos for Beckii's fashion brand, and saw Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in London (without Beckii because her flight was cancelled, with the obviously plus that I had a swanky hotel room to myself).

May rolled around and I had a busy ol' time at a friend's stag do, making a hilarious UKIP joke no one noticed* and enjoying free WIFI courtesy of Room4 Studios. I also made a song for Martyn about Wildstar (it's a video game don't you know).

I spent most of June on the move, travelling to Newcastle for my aforementioned buddy's wedding and then to Seattle and Los Angeles with Beckii. While there I recorded and released a single, Mary-Go-Round.

In July we took the band on our first tour in over a year, smashing it in Bristol, Edinburgh, Nottingham and London. You can watch some of the fun here. It made us want to do it again (see November). A song I wrote way back in May also got released this month, the Yogscast's Diggy Diggy Hole, which I both composed and directed.

August took me to London for Summer In The City, a big YouTube festival. The Guardian interviewed me there, which was unexpected, and the band were awarded with a YouTube Silver Play Button. I ended the month recording an EP and avoiding the Ice Bucket Challenge, which I was challenged to over 200 times.

Apparently nothing happened in September. I think I was making a record. According to Facebook I played a shit ton of Pyramid Solitaire Saga.

In October nothing happened again. I think I was finishing off a record.

In November, Area 11 released Underline and decided it'd be smart to play 18 gigs in a row (it was smart). It was super fun and we got to meet a lot of our fans, and we can't wait to do it all again! I had a couple of days at the end of the month left to quickly write two songs for the Yogscast, and complete work on one of them.

Finally in December, the band took a trip to Tokyo for the first time and had a blast with our new friends Enter Shikari and Crystal Lake. After I returned I made a Christmas song about vegetable dicks and then was so exhausted I ran away to the Isle of Man to spend a quiet Christmas with Beckii and her family.

Which brings us to now. Let's see what next year has in store, I hope it's equally nuts.

- S*

*the joke was: "I'm worried because I live in the UK and therefore I think my computer has a UKIP"