YouTube Giveaway - Win OMAKASE Kill la Kill Boxes + MUSIC!

Howdy guys!

Once again, my buddies over at Viewster have sent me 5 Kill la Kill themed OMAKASE boxes, and I'm gonna give them away to subscribers of my YouTube channel! You also win a FREE COPY OF MY NEW EP BREAKTHROUGH!


All you have to do is to make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube channel (here) and enter via Rafflecopter (here)!

The box contains a load of cool Kill la Kill merch including a towel, scarf and a gold hardback manga! If you've not seen/read Kill la Kill you're missing out, it's an awesome anime/manga which I thoroughly enjoyed. Click here for more info about OMAKASE!

NOTE: This is not a paid promotion, Viewster just sent me a load of boxes :)


I am pleased to announce my new EP 'BREAKTHROUGH' which is an exclusive release through OMAKASE, a new box subscription service.

The EP has five tracks filled with 80s and 90s influences, and has been a fun journey for me in putting it together. You can listen to one of the tracks, 'Breakdown,' right now on the video above.

I wanna thank my friends Rob, Tommy, Hank & Richard at Viewster for the experience and supporting the making of this EP. They let me have complete creative control and I'm very proud of this record.

OMAKASE is a subscription anime service which gives you access to a huge range of streaming anime and other cool content. You also get a box in the mail every two months, each which are themed around a specific anime show or characters. This month it's Hatsune Miku themed!

It costs $29 for two months, check it out by clicking here, and use the code "sparkles" for a 10% discount.

Thanks to Liam for the artwork, follow him here.